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Showing posts from February, 2017

Lawrence at M.I.T.

Lawrence has been attending a Photography course at M.I.T. he goes there once a week and is totally independent.  He has been doing great and we are all so proud of him.

Cleaning up the playground

Te Hapori students have been exploring ways we can stop people throwing rubbish away. Lunch time is an important time when we can remind people to use the rubbish bins.

Burning with anticipation

These guys have been getting in to some pretty serious work to start the term. Awesome to see!

Making life Attainable

This is a new work experience opportunity for this year at Attainable. SO far these guys have been having a great time.

Working at Botany Warehouse

Allan and Tonja have been attending The Warehouse in Botany for work experience this term and have been doing a great job.

The environment and water care

Some of the class decided it would be cool if we made a video about what we can do in our community to look after the environment especially the beach.