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Showing posts from June, 2014

All in a days work

This term in the Community House we have been practicing our work skills. We have attending Fire Corp and The SPCA Op shop in Glen Innes. It has been a lot of fun. A big thank you to these places and also Richard and Kerry for all their help and encouragement.

Run run as fast as you can

So much fun at our Athletics day. We all had a great day and it was so cool to hang out with all our friends from other classes.

Make like a tree...

The Community Education class has been helping Peter our caretaker lookafter the juniors playground at base. We have been sweeping and raking up all the leaves and putting them in to the compost. Its pretty hard work but lots of fun.

Easter Treat

Patrick has been practicing his baking skills at home. He decided to bring these little beauties in to class to share with everyone. They were delicious what a fantastic treat. Thank you Patrick.


CarrotsGardening skillsChance has been busy with Richard re-planting our carrots from the pot in to the garden. Hopefully when they are fully grown we will be able to pick them to make a carrot cake.

Jumping with the Jams

Every Friday we have been helping the House perform Jump Jam for the Juniors to see.
We all take turns at being up the front and always try our very best to remember all the moves for each song.
It is so much fun and a pretty good work out as well.

Gon' Fishin

The Community Education class have been learning about leisure activities. On this day we decided to go fishing at Farm Cove. We all had a turn at fishing with rods and hand reels. We were not lucky enough to catch anything.