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Here we are grating cheese and making toasted sandwiches. They are quick to cook. Bradley estimates about 10 minutes.

Static Experiment

Our investigstion in to what happens if you rub a balloon on your head. The girls hair is standing on end. Does anyone know why?

Flowers blooming

The Edgewater class are now reaping the rewards of all their hard work in the beautiful garden.

Cooking up a storm

We  had lots of fun making pizza. We were able to choose our own ingredients. Everyone used pizza bases except for Max. He chose to use pita bread. They were yummy and very crunchy.

We're in good shape with Google Draw

We have been learning to use Google Draw to share our Geometry learning. Here is Bradley's Google Drawing. We had to learn lots of new tools to create our shapes.

Basketball training

Awesome training today!

Self portrait

Bradley has worked very hard on his pencil sketch of himself. Doesn't it look amazing.

Magnetic Race Track

We have been creating a race track with magnets as obstacles. We have to navigate through our course trying not to attract other magnets. Some magnets have a stronger pull than others and it can be quite tricky to get our magnet race car around the track without crashing.

Green thumbs

We have been busy little beavers getting our garden ready for spring. We have been weeding and turning over the soil ready to plant our new vegetables and flowers next week.

Mamma mia

Making delicious pizza for cooking! We have selected a massive range of toppings to put on our pizza. Cheese, Capsicum, Onion, Pineapple, Ham, Tomato, and Carrot. We can't wait for them to come out of the oven!

Google Draw

We have been busy learning how to use Google Draw. We have been making brainstorms by selecting shapes and adding a Text box to write our fantastic ideas in. We now can add colour to the shapes and make it more attractive and stand out.

Trees for survival

Today we drove out to Clevedon to plant 500 native trees. The trees are to help the environment get back to normal. They provide great shade for the stream and help the ecosystem. It was such a great day! A slide show will be up shortly.

Hooping it up!

We are training very hard getting ready for ribbon day. We have been working on our Team work and passing skills. Some students are getting a lot better at shooting!

When the tide is out

We had an interesting day at Maraetai Beach. We went scavenging, fishing and had lunch. We tried to swim but the tide was out.