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Showing posts from June, 2013

Fitness Walk - Road works

On this mornings walk there was so much going on. There is huge road works going on around our community.

Reclaim Recycling Truck

All of our paper recycling has been picked up!

Edgewater Production "The Wedding Singer"

All sitting and waiting quietly ready for the show! Edgewater College should be very proud because it was fantastic and we all enjoyed it very much. We can't wait for next year!

Football frenzy

Room 2 TERMINATORS, We picked Barcelona as our football team! We played in the toughest competition. We all played as hard as we could and we finished 3rd! It was awesome

Team work - 3 Cheers

Great sportsmanship shown by the team! Unlucky not to win! Every game we played we showed an awesome attitude!

Vikki has a surprise birthday party

Vikki had her family come to school to surprise her! It was so nice to meet her Grandad and Grandma. 

Football ribbon day

The students are busy painting a flag for Barcelona!!!

Football practice

Getting ready for ribbon day on Thursday! Brennan is a goal scoring machine.

Reading in the sun

Room 2 relaxing in the sun and keeping up with our library book reading.

Lunch is served

Edgewater Room 2 about to have there lunch. Nom nom

Draft writing

The boys writing a draft of our trip out to table tennis.

Piano practice

Vikki giving Bradley piano lessons.

Google docs

Girls publishing work on their flash chrome books.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

The boys chopping onions with Elly.

Rubbish Tip

Dumping rubbish with the trolley jack.

Cleaning up the school

Room 2 have been given the responsibility for Edgewater College paper recycling. Every week the class goes to every classroom in the school to collect their paper recycling.