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Thanks Fiona

A massive thank you to Fiona for all your help this year. We have all grown so much through the digital world and we will be forever greatful. We all can't wait to see what new learning we will be part of next year!

Our Learning Tours

We have visited lots of locations this year and also learnt a lot on our travels. We have added these locations to a Google Map with an image and a link to our individual blog posts. 
This is Bradley's Learning Tour. Click each location to see more.  You can find a link to our learning tours at the top of each of our blogs. Our blogs are here.

Pegasus Triathlon Fun day

We had such a fun day at Pakuranga College competing in the Pegasus Unit Triathlon. All the students performed extremely well swimming, cycling, and running/walking. The day was made even more memorable by the volunteer staff from Mars. Martin, Sophia, and Jesse came and joined us for the day. The all got involved with the students helping them ride bikes, swim, and encouraging the students to try their best. All the students would like to say a big thank you!

Sharing our learning

Great visit from Tamaki 1, we commented on a film together.

Team Work

Here is Brennan in front of the extreme screen presenting our film to over 450 students from the Manaiakalni community. Well done Brennan.

Art Fundraiser

Our class have been busily painting these lovely works of art as a fundraiser for our term 4 trips and treats. The art is made on 100cm x 80cm stretched canvas. We are currently running a silent auction so if you would like to make a bid please email me with the painting and the amount you would like to bid. If you have the highest bid you will get the painting. What ever you bid we expect you to pay. The last day of the auction is Monday the 4th of November.
Thanks for your support

Dancing shoes

First dance lesson with Allie.

Te Tuhi Art Lesson

Our new background is made up of our art work that we created at Te Tuhi art center.

Sommerville Front page news.

All the students have been writing stories to create a front page of the news paper.


Here we are grating cheese and making toasted sandwiches. They are quick to cook. Bradley estimates about 10 minutes.

Static Experiment

Our investigstion in to what happens if you rub a balloon on your head. The girls hair is standing on end. Does anyone know why?

Flowers blooming

The Edgewater class are now reaping the rewards of all their hard work in the beautiful garden.

Cooking up a storm

We  had lots of fun making pizza. We were able to choose our own ingredients. Everyone used pizza bases except for Max. He chose to use pita bread. They were yummy and very crunchy.

We're in good shape with Google Draw

We have been learning to use Google Draw to share our Geometry learning. Here is Bradley's Google Drawing. We had to learn lots of new tools to create our shapes.

Basketball training

Awesome training today!

Self portrait

Bradley has worked very hard on his pencil sketch of himself. Doesn't it look amazing.

Magnetic Race Track

We have been creating a race track with magnets as obstacles. We have to navigate through our course trying not to attract other magnets. Some magnets have a stronger pull than others and it can be quite tricky to get our magnet race car around the track without crashing.

Green thumbs

We have been busy little beavers getting our garden ready for spring. We have been weeding and turning over the soil ready to plant our new vegetables and flowers next week.

Mamma mia

Making delicious pizza for cooking! We have selected a massive range of toppings to put on our pizza. Cheese, Capsicum, Onion, Pineapple, Ham, Tomato, and Carrot. We can't wait for them to come out of the oven!

Google Draw

We have been busy learning how to use Google Draw. We have been making brainstorms by selecting shapes and adding a Text box to write our fantastic ideas in. We now can add colour to the shapes and make it more attractive and stand out.

Trees for survival

Today we drove out to Clevedon to plant 500 native trees. The trees are to help the environment get back to normal. They provide great shade for the stream and help the ecosystem. It was such a great day! A slide show will be up shortly.

Hooping it up!

We are training very hard getting ready for ribbon day. We have been working on our Team work and passing skills. Some students are getting a lot better at shooting!

When the tide is out

We had an interesting day at Maraetai Beach. We went scavenging, fishing and had lunch. We tried to swim but the tide was out.

Being Positive and Asking Questions

We have been learning to write quality blog comments. We learnt about these tips for writing quality comments.

Be positive about the blog postAdd more informationMake a connectionAsk a questionProof check our spelling and punctuation Today we have been practising by writing comments on our class blogs. We wrote a positive comment about the blog post and asked a question. Links to our blogs are in the navigation bar on the right. What do you think of our comments?

Canvas prints

We all have designed a picture for us to paint on to the lovely canvas. It has taking us a long time to finish as we have been very delicate when painting. They all look amazing.

Geometry Tanagrams

Such an exciting math lessons learning about Geometry and shapes. Tanagrams picture are very difficult to reproduce we had to think really hard and try different designs.

Starting our Blog

We are all working hard to develop our own blog sites. Thanks for your help Fiona.

X-Factor - Sylvia Park

Such an awesome performance from all the students at Sylvia Park


Our class display that shows off all our trips we have been on!

Edgewater trees for survival

There was so much interesting information for us to read.

The House Cafe staff

The great team at Sommerville cafe. What an awesome experience! Great service and even better food.

Spec-tacular spectacle

We all watched Riverhills show us how to recycle food scraps.

Tamaki 2 Hygiene

Vikki tried out the classroom shower.

Beautiful food at Sommerville cafe!

We had an awesome time at the cafe.

Hard work in the garden!

So much work we need to do.

Fitness Walk - Road works

On this mornings walk there was so much going on. There is huge road works going on around our community.

Reclaim Recycling Truck

All of our paper recycling has been picked up!

Edgewater Production "The Wedding Singer"

All sitting and waiting quietly ready for the show! Edgewater College should be very proud because it was fantastic and we all enjoyed it very much. We can't wait for next year!

Football frenzy

Room 2 TERMINATORS, We picked Barcelona as our football team! We played in the toughest competition. We all played as hard as we could and we finished 3rd! It was awesome

Team work - 3 Cheers

Great sportsmanship shown by the team! Unlucky not to win! Every game we played we showed an awesome attitude!

Vikki has a surprise birthday party

Vikki had her family come to school to surprise her! It was so nice to meet her Grandad and Grandma. 

Football ribbon day

The students are busy painting a flag for Barcelona!!!

Football practice

Getting ready for ribbon day on Thursday! Brennan is a goal scoring machine.

Reading in the sun

Room 2 relaxing in the sun and keeping up with our library book reading.

Lunch is served

Edgewater Room 2 about to have there lunch. Nom nom

Draft writing

The boys writing a draft of our trip out to table tennis.

Piano practice

Vikki giving Bradley piano lessons.

Google docs

Girls publishing work on their flash chrome books.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

The boys chopping onions with Elly.

Rubbish Tip

Dumping rubbish with the trolley jack.

Cleaning up the school

Room 2 have been given the responsibility for Edgewater College paper recycling. Every week the class goes to every classroom in the school to collect their paper recycling.

Ten Pin Bowling Super Strike

Special Olympics ribbon day